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  • 01Escort Interpretation

    Reception in foreign affairs, business reception, business arrangement and communication, on-site  trade fair-exhibition interpreting services, on-site engineering and installation interpreting, etc.

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  • 02Simultaneous Interpretation

    Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most demanding types of interpretation, but widely used at international conferences for its being time-wise. All NoblePen Translation interpreters are trained and certified (CATTI 1 Translator or Interpreter), with years of experience.  At the same time, NoblePen Translation also provides a complete set of simultaneous interpreting equipment rental and technical support services required for simultaneous translation, thus providing cients with one-stop simultaneous interpreting conference translation solutions.

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  • 03Consecutive Interpretation

    In a consecutive interpreting event, the interpreter sits in the conference room, listening to the SL while taking notes. When the speaker finishes his speech or stops for interpretation, the interpreter will effectively communicate the complete messages in the SL to the audience in clear, natural and accurate TL language.

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  • 04Company Documents

    Technical documents: patent specifications, user manual, industry standards, technical standards, design specification, feasibility report, installation manual, maintenance manual, parts manual, process flow, etc.

    Business documents: bidding document, company profile, articles of association, contract,  agreement, product catalog, business plan, sales manual, market research document, financial analyse, audit report, business letter, fax, memorandum, etc.

    Regulatory documents: industrial management regulations, company rules and regulations, laws and regulations, management regulations, notices and announcements, identification documents, certificates and credentials, etc.

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  • 05Travelling Interpreting

    We provide enterprises or individuals with translation solutions to international delegation visits, international meetings and talks, outbound tourism, short-term and long-term overseas staff or labor assignments.

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  • 06Personal Certificates

    Personal Certificates: driver's license, passport, visa, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, birth certificate, household registration book, registered residence certificate, identity certificates, educational background, diplomas, enrollment application, degree certificates, education certificates, transcripts, job application, supporting materials, correspondence, invitation letter, business license, registration certificate, business registration certificate, bank credit certificate, foreign notarization certificate, certification, power of attorney, etc. After translation, the translator's seal and the company's official seal shall be affixed. Once sealed, recognized everywhere.

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  • 07Seal affixing, Review and Polish

     YGYM has been filed by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC)  and the Ministry of Public Security. It has obtained legal status as a translation company, with the credentials and effectiveness recognized by the state. Its translation can be used as legal documents for the procedures of entry and exit, qualification certificates, identity certificates, notarization, court use and other circumstances;

    Quality Warranty: Reviewing, polishing and proofreading of translation are done by TL native speaker translators or domestic bilingual proficient translators to ensure the accuracy and professionalism of your documents.

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