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  • 01Escort Interpretation

    Reception in foreign affairs, business reception, business arrangement and communication, on-site  trade fair-exhibition interpreting services, on-site engineering and installation interpreting, etc.

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  • 02Simultaneous Interpretation

    Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most demanding types of interpretation, but widely used at international conferences for its being time-wise. All NoblePen Translation interpreters are trained and certified (CATTI 1 Translator or Interpreter), with years of experience.  At the same time, NoblePen Translation also provides a complete set of simultaneous interpreting equipment rental and technical support services required for simultaneous translation, thus providing cients with one-stop simultaneous interpreting conference translation solutions.

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  • 03Consecutive Interpretation

    In a consecutive interpreting event, the interpreter sits in the conference room, listening to the SL while taking notes. When the speaker finishes his speech or stops for interpretation, the interpreter will effectively communicate the complete messages in the SL to the audience in clear, natural and accurate TL language.

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  • 04Travelling Interpreting

    We provide enterprises or individuals with translation solutions to international delegation visits, international meetings and talks, outbound tourism, short-term and long-term overseas staff or labor assignments.

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