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YGYM Group: Debut with New Opportunities and Challenges
Release time:2022-08-25 10:13:29 | Views:


  On June 7, 2022, the YGYM Group was officially launched in Fuzhou, based on the fully upgraded and transformed businesses of YGYM.



  YGYM, founded on February 27, 2003, has been developing for nearly 20 years to form group businesses in the fields of language services, education and training for post-graduate entrance and professional qualification certificates, and university-enterprise cooperation, and has successively laid out companies and offices in Fuzhou, Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jinan, Xi’an, Guizhou, Hong Kong, etc., focusing on the brand matrices of YGYM, Noble Pen, Only Translation, Yidao, and Fanyime.


  Both the language service industry and the education and training industry have been affected by the pandemic to varying degrees. The YGYM Group, following the pace of national strategic development, takes the initiative in making adjustments and upgrades in respect of comprehensive strength, business strategy layout, and organizational structure to embrace new opportunities and challenges.

  The YGYM Group has significantly upgraded its comprehensive strength to yield numerous core qualifications and be rewarded as:


“National High-tech Enterprise”


Enterprise Certified by ISO27001 Information Security Management System


Enterprise Certified by ISO17100 Translation Service System


“AAA” Translation Service Recognized Enterprise


Member of the Collaborative Education Program of the Ministry of Education in May 2022


  In addition, the YGYM Group continues to expand its influence in the language service industry by actively participating in industry conferences and contributing to the industrial development:


Participated in the 8th Congress of Translators Association of China as a standing member


Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Steering Committee of the National Legal English Certificate (LEC) Examination


Became an official partner of the Project Management Center of the China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters of the China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration


Actively participated in the establishment of Fuzhou Translation Association and served as a member of Fuzhou Translators Association


Executives of the YGYM Group were elected as managing directors of the Committee of Translation and International Promotion of Traditional Chinese Culture (COTIP)


  Clear business strategy layout and launch of key projects one after another enables its core business to advance rapidly;


  The YGYM Group continues to increase investment in translation business and expands its market share in pharmaceuticals, books, cultural creation, international communication, bidding, etc. By implementing and deepening the requirements of its development strategies, the Group has successively won the bids for projects such as the new CBD urban operation project in the new capital of Egypt, marine environment protection, Chinese Bridge, CICC translation services, etc.


  The YGYM Group is rapidly expanding the product categories for its education and training business, from MTI and postgraduate entrance to a full range of examination and training products, studying abroad and language training products for studying abroad, and also gradually exploring the franchising and cross-industry cooperation models.


  For the cooperation with universities, the YGYM Group actively responds to the initiative of the Ministry of Education on the integration of industry and education, university-enterprise cooperation, and employment promotion by relying on its comprehensive resource advantages of translation business and online education business to carry out many substantial university-enterprise cooperation nationwide, such as internship practice, teacher team building, textbook preparation, university-enterprise training of innovative talents and discipline construction. At present, the YGYM Group is actively responding to the special activity of “visiting enterprises and promoting employment” by signing contracts with more than 170 tutor colleges and universities, providing online internship for more than 10,000 students from more than 800 foreign language faculties nationwide, and providing internship positions for more than 330,000 college students nationwide in total. The 2022 YGYM winter vacation online internship has an industry record for its over 73,000 college interns at home and abroad.


  On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of YGYM, the YGYM Group, facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges, will always uphold the core values of being “customer-centered” and the service concept of “focusing on translation” to forge ahead and accelerate the pace of group management. All the staff of the YGYM Group will continue to strive for self-improvement and innovation, and serve customers for the purpose of realizing their dreams, by taking social responsibilities to build a sound ecosystem of interconnected language services and language talents.